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Thank you for visiting! My name is Allyson Owens, and I am the Founder of Pleni Naturals, a natural and organic skin care line full of healthy fruit and veggie ingredients!  I live in beautiful northern California with my two small kids, wonderful husband and 15 year old cat.

Skin care is my passion and I have been in the “beauty biz” since 2001. I know a lot about skin care through my time as an aesthetician and my years as a skin care educator and skin care product developer. It was actually through luck I fell into product development work and it became the dream job I never knew I wanted! Once you start developing skin care you can never stop. Although not always glamorous and a ton of hard work, making skin care products brings me a tremendous amount of joy and I feel so lucky to be able to do this kind of work.

But why did I want to focus on fruits and veggies? Because they are wholesome, nutritious, and packed full of beneficial vitamins, omegas and antioxidants. Plus, what we put ON our body goes IN our body, and I don’t know about you, but I would rather have juicy red raspberry seed oil going on my baby’s body than some nasty chemical! It is also important to me that Pleni Naturals has a social cause, and it is our mission to inspire a lifelong love of fruits and veggies through our natural and organic skin care products (and our garden education partnerships-more info here). It is our hope that the fun, colorful and silly fruit and vegetable characters found on our packaging provides a deeper connection for kids and the fruits and vegetables they eat.

I feel confident our products will delight you and your family with their wonderful fresh scents, texture and performance. In time, I hope to gain your trust as an expert in skin care, and you can always count on Pleni Naturals to deliver what it promises--always wholesome, always effective, natural skin care.

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