Bath Time With Pleni Naturals - Chapter 4

Posted by Allyson Owens on

Erin Turner from the clean living blog The Grass Skirt recently featured Pleni Naturals! We love what Erin has to say about all three children's products but reading this on her blog made us extra happy:
"When you have three kids ages 4 & under, bath time is like an assembly line.  Even with natural body washes and shampoos, suds seem to get into and sting their eyes as I am rushing down the line.  I kid you not, Pleni Naturals is the first and only brand that I’ve used on my children that did not result in tears due to burning eyes.  It is just that gentle."
Click here to read more and to find out which product is Erin's equivalent to Windex (insert My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference here :).

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