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Creating a non-toxic home has been so important to me; especially since having kids. My eyes are now wide open to the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. It's completely overwhelming to learn/spend hours researching if a product is truly safe from harmful chemicals. I am so grateful for the amazing Amy Ziff, founder of the non-profit MADE SAFE for making it easy for consumers to know if a product is well, made safe and without nasty toxins!  MADE SAFE is the first non-toxic seal that screens products we use on a daily basis in our homes from personal care to baby products to household items and beyond! Amy's goal with MADE SAFE is to change the way products we use everyday are made for the better so we can all lead healthier lives! A little bit more about Amy:

Tell us a little about your story and why you started MADE SAFE?

I started Made Safe because I'm the Mom of twins who, when they were born, were allergic to seemingly everything! Even things I didn't know you could be allergic to, from creams to diapers to baby wash the hospital sent me home with, even a breast feeding pillow I used! At first I started trying to figure out what they were allergic to and stop their reactions, but what I ultimately learned was that the things we surround ourselves with on a daily basis can be filled with a multitude of harmful chemicals that impact our health and well-being. I also learned that the more you avoided these toxins, the more likely you were to increase your health and well-being. It seemed kind of obvious that a person would want to avoid carcinogenic ingredients as well as other ingredients linked to decreased neurological performance, fertility issues later in life, even obesity and diabetes ­– especially where kids are concerned. While I thought there must be someone guarding store shelves from toxic products, I learned that - in fact -  there is no single entity or agency responsible for doing that. I thought it was high time that changed, so I decided to do something about it. And that's when Made Safe was born. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far with the MADE SAFE seal? 

There have been so many! We are very proud to be working with so many incredible brands, offering healthy solutions to concerned parents, and fostering change for the way products are being made in this country and around the world. 

What has been your biggest challenge? 

Our biggest challenge is to get the word out about our work when we have virtually no marketing budget. (Hint, spread the word to those you love so they can buy healthy products.) 

Tell us about your TEDx Talk!

I was invited to give a TEDx talk this year and it was one of the most intimidating things I've ever been asked to do! But the opportunity was awesome, and it was incredibly rewarding to share the MADE SAFE vision for a safe and sustainable future. [Watch for yourself and learn how you can help:]

What would be the first, most important baby product to switch, for a family new to transitioning to a nontoxic lifestyle?

I would say the most important thing to do is to make your next purchase nontoxic – that means whatever you have on your shopping list, see if you can find a nontoxic version. Since you're reading this we know you're already using some great bath and body products from Pleni – check out for another purchase.  

What does the future hold for MADE SAFE?

The future is bright! There's a lot going on behind the scenes that I can't talk about yet… But what I can say is we expect this to be a very exciting year! Stay tuned for more products, education and opportunities to help you create a healthy world for your family. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well, and subscribe to our email newsletter to hear all the news first! 

What are some favorite veggies in your home and how do you prepare them for your family?

We’re a veggie household. My kids have been eating them since they were babies and they still love them. I'm a firm believer that liking veggies is all about preparation. No one wants canned, mushy green beans! I roast almost every vegetable – from radishes to turnips to cauliflower – with olive oil and coarse salt at 350 degrees. 
 But here's my pro tip: We make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin oatmeal, and even pumpkin chili! It's a way to get added veggies into our diets. Just follow recipe directions and add a cup of plain pumpkin purée while cooking - adjust seasonings as necessary. (For chili we use more pumpkin, but start small – the taste is a little “different" and picky palates may need to adjust!) 






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