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To start out our retailer series, we would like to feature a dynamic, family-owned brick and mortar store in Brooklyn, NY that is deeply committed to helping their customers make the switch to non-toxic! Junk Free Beauty carries an assortment of sought-after clean beauty and skincare products for the entire family. They have also started an e-commerce store and are slowly on-boarding the brands they carry to their site. The ladies behind Junk Free Beauty treat their customers like royalty; 1. individualized, top-level service in their retail store 2. delivery service of their non-toxic products to local customers and 3. non-toxic makeup and skincare parties! No wonder why Junk Free Beauty is a premiere destination for clean beauty in the Brooklyn area with many, loyal customers!

We love working with Junk Free Beauty because they are so passionate about what they do and if you follow them on Instagram you can actually feel their passion throught the tiles! Give them a follow and you will see what we are talking about!

We asked Gloria Molcho, one of the sister co-founders of Junk Free Beauty some questions about JFB:

How did you get started in green beauty?

Everyone in my family has a different story that brought them into this Green Beauty World. My oldest sister was trying to conceive which lead her to do her own research on products. Once she was pregnant she only wanted to use the safest ingredients. My mother watched my grandmother suffer from Alzheimers and did her own research to figure out why certain diseases are more prevalent in America today than ever recorded. My story with Green Beauty started when I was recruited to open Junk Free Beauty. I just fell in love with the idea of natural clean products. The knowledge I have gained from opening Junk Free Beauty has led me down a path of health and wellness in my lifestyle and the way I eat.

What is your vetting/product selection process?

We have a long list in known harmful ingredients that we do not accept into our store. If we come across an ingredient that we do not recognize, we head to the Environmental Working Group’s website and do our own research.

How is your store different from other green beauty stores?

We offer very personalized help. Our staff is passionate and knowledgeable on every product we carry. We try our best to educate our customers on products enough for them to make their own decisions.

From your many interactions with customers, what do you feel is the hardest type of product for them to transition from?

The hardest thing for most to transition in their life is their deodorant. Nobody wants to take the risk of smelling and/or sweating. Sometimes the first non-toxic deodorant you buy can work, and other times you may have to try a few different options until you find one that works for you. It depends on the person.

Are there any products in the traditional marketplace that you wish were available in green beauty/lifestyle?

I would love if there was a nontoxic version of fake hair fibers for men and women who experience hair loss. I also would love to see a self tanner that has color stay for a few days.       

What is your best selling Pleni Naturals product?

Pleni’s Apple + Broccoli Wash is by far our best selling product, not just by Pleni but of all our baby washes. People love the smell, the packaging and the feel of it. Now that the wash comes in a 16oz. they're selling better than before.

What's next for Junk Free Beauty?

We’re hoping to be able to make some of our own products. Were looking to make inexpensive, bulk size house cleaning products and basic home necessities.

We ask this question in all of our Q and A Blog Series: What are some favorite veggies in your home and how do you prepare them for your family? 

My husband and I love love love brussel sprouts. After washing them, I cut them in half and douse them in a marinade with balsamic vinegar, agave and avocado oil. Set the oven to 400 degrees and lay brussel sprouts on a flat baking sheet until they're golden crispy.

We love this recipe especially over warm brown rice with chickpeas with a lemony Tahini sauce drizzled on top. MUST TRY.


If you stop into Junk Free Beauty at 2154 East 4th street in Brooklyn NY through 5/21/19 and mention this blog post the ladies at JFB will offer you a 15% discount on Pleni Naturals products! Tell your local Brooklyn friends!

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