Pleni Naturals Partnership With Life Lab Educational Garden Non-Profit Organization

Pleni Naturals Partnership With Life Lab


At Pleni Naturals, our company goals extend beyond creating natural and safe skin care products—we aspire to change the way kids’ think about fruits and veggies. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Life Lab, a pioneering nonprofit that has cultivated children’s love of learning, healthy foods, and nature through garden-based education since 1979. Life Lab is a local organization with national impacts: its school garden partnerships, field trips, enriched after-school programs, and day camps inspire more than 5,000 preschool and elementary school children each year on California’s Central Coast. Life Lab shares the knowledge and experience gained from many years of these programs with educators across the US through training, curriculum, networking, and inspiration for teachers who want to engage children through hands-on education with fruits and vegetables in gardens. Nationally, this work impacts more than 250,000 kids’ lives each year, and Life Lab curriculum and expertise have inspired teachers and children in many countries overseas, as well. 
The work Life Lab does is incredibly important and is in perfect alignment with the work we do at Pleni Naturals. We are thrilled to support Life Lab both financially, by donating a portion of our proceeds to their efforts, and by sharing their significant work and impacts on our social media channels and through our volunteer and outreach efforts. Within the Pleni Naturals community and through our partnership, we strive to cultivate a deep interest in the garden-based education movement across the world. Every school should have access to a thriving classroom garden!

To learn more about Life Lab, click here